Since offering its initial program in 2003, FIRST has completed three in-depth training studies, coached scores of runners to personal best race times, and conducted hundreds of lab assessments. FIRST training programs are being used to dramatically improve race times by runners on six continents.

Hailed by the Wall Street Journal, the Furman Institute of
Running and Scientific Training
(FIRST) program is the most proven,
efficient training system ever– guaranteed!

And now, for the first time, RUN LESS RUN FASTER gives you everything you need to know to train with the FIRST program and improve your race times more than you ever thought possible. Scientifically based and meticulously measured, the FIRST program is more closely studied and more guaranteed than any other training program offered today. If you want to run faster, be stronger, perform better, and train less than ever, then RUN LESS RUN FASTER is the key to your running success!

you’ll find a complete guide to applying the FIRST training philosophy and programs to make your running easier, more accessible, less grueling, more injury free…and so much FASTER!

At the core of the amazing FIRST system is the revolutionary "3PLUS2" program, which each week consists of:

  • including track repeats, the tempo run, and the long run, which are designed to work together to improve endurance, lactate-threshold running pace, and leg speed.

  • such as swimming, rowing, or pedaling a stationary bike, which are designed to improve endurance while helping to avoid burnout.


Research says yes,
for age-group runners. (page 15) The breakthrough FIRST system was developed by exercise scientists and tested with real runners, who improved their marathon times by an average of 19 minutes during a 16-week training program. And not just 4:00 or 5:00 marathoners, but sub-3:00 marathoners, as well. (pages 3-4)

The FIRST training programs in RUN LESS RUN FASTER have also been used to improve running performances by runners preparing for their first 5K or marathon, and by runners in their early twenties as well as veterans in their sixties and seventies. (page 15)

The groundbreaking 3PLUS2 system is extremely flexible and can be adjusted to fit all types of runners, from those who have limited time to train to those make training a major focus. (page 15)

Now, with RUN LESS RUN FASTER, you can reap the benefits of FIRST, too!